Beneath the Surface

EcoSquare® marks a new era in the development of high performance and environmentally sustainable backing. It is a new generation of carpet tile backing, made from 63.5% recycled content backing. EcoSquare tiles are 100% recyclable. EcoSquare is another step in Carpet Inter’s ongoing Sustainability and Reclamation Program, repurposing waste material into a recycled high performance tile backing.

Finishes: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon

Dimensions: ’50 x 50 / 25 x 100 cm


Scratch the surface to reveal the inner beauty of what lies beneath. . . .   Inspired by the movement of lava as it flows underground, and the textures left behind on the earth’s surface as it cools. Beneath the Surface is designed to capture the disruptive nature, the movement and the aftermath of a volcanic eruption.
The collection provides a dynamic sense of flow and movement in very natural colour tones with the occasional emergence of hot lava, gem like formations within the cracks or the rebirth of nature as grass and moss begins to grow on the devastated landscape.

SF01 Merapi

SF02 Krakatoa

SF03 Kilauea

SF04 Obsidian

SF05 Erebus

SF06 Basalt

SF07 Batur

SF08 Fuji

SF09 Vesuvius