Breaking Waves – Over the Ocean

EcoSquare® marks a new era in the development of high performance and environmentally sustainable backing. It is a new generation of carpet tile backing, made from 63.5% recycled content backing. EcoSquare tiles are 100% recyclable. EcoSquare is another step in Carpet Inter’s ongoing Sustainability and Reclamation Program, repurposing waste material into a recycled high performance tile backing.

Finishes: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon

Dimensions: ’50 x 50 / 25 x 100 cm


The Breaking Waves Collection follows and expands upon our Breaking Ground Collection and features two styles that offer the same high performance and great value in sophisticated ocean-inspired designs. Over the Ocean was inspired by the movement of currents and reflected light on the surface of the water as seen from the air. Across the Sea draws its inspiration from the patterns that waves create as they meet the shore. These two organic designs can be used independently or as coordinates to enhance the interior environment.

SE01 Ice Floe

SE02 Gulf Stream

SE03 Blue Whale

SE04 Shoreline

SE05 Grey Seal

SE06 Black Pearl

SE07 Andaman Beach

SE08 Seashell

SE09 Rockaway

SE10 Seagrass

SE11 Golden Reef

SE12 Red Coral

OC01 Ice Floe

OC02 Gulf Stream

OC03 Blue Whale

OC04 Shoreline

OC05 Grey Seal

OC06 Black Pearl

OC07 Andaman Beach

OC08 Seashell

OC09 Rockaway

OC10 Seagrass

OC11 Golden Reef

OC12 Red Coral