Connect is a cut and a loop pile structure in one rug, connected by a beautiful silk stripe.

The colour recipe of both structures is exactly the same but the two pieces do look surprisingly different! The loop pile part has a slightly jaded, fine writing effect and almost knitted character. The cut pile is irresistibly soft and characterises a magnificent ray.

The silk stripe that connects the two structures is like a jewel. The shiny silk really adds some spice to the rug. You can choose to bring a complementary colour in the rug with this stripe but you could also ‘pop’ with colour there!

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180010 with ST100 stripe
180130 with T78 stripe
180170 with T62 stripe
180020 with F25 stripe
180140 with T66 stripe
180180 with T81 stripe
180050 with C11 stripe
180150 with C08 stripe
180201 with ST03 stripe
180120 with T69 stripe
180160 with T69 stripe
180202 with ST03 stripe