Easy-B is a family of office and lobby chairs, which allows completely furnishing a given large-seize environment in the same style: from workstations to the waiting area. The plastic structure of the backrest can be upholstered with breathable fabric or mesh, to ensure the right lumbar support. Design and synchro self-fit mechanism make Easy-B compliant with the most restrictive ergonomic standards. Easy-B is also available in the version with supporting mesh seat. This solution makes the chair totally breathable.

The antropomorphic shape of the backrest is the distinguishing feature of the Easy-B family. It is a complete family that, keeping its characteristic image clear, ranges from the executive version to the visitor version passing through the operational solution.

From the central coupling, it branches out into two arms that physically and graphically hold up the particular shape of the backrest.The unique and innovative upholstery system makes the Easy-B family an expression of the highest production capabilities.

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