FOUNDRY melds the finest craftsmanship of grain-matched veneer millwork with a highly-evolved, technically integrated furniture system.

Frontier Workspace, your prime source for Echo Jazz’s top-tier office furniture, serving discerning customers in Hong Kong and across Asia.



Delivering the most well-crafted, beautiful millwork system imaginable, FOUNDRY integrates technology, thoughtful work tools, and complementary materials into an intelligent, functional solution.

The FOUNDRY system pairs seamlessly with each of HALCON’s existing casegoods lines, extending our private office collections into the open plan.  Wood panel walls features astonishing veneer-matching, where the grain is matched not-only panel-to-panel, but waterfalls from the top of the panel down both sides, resulting in an amazingly beautiful aesthetic.  Work tools cleanly integrate into the panel, pairing hand-crafted millwork with the latest systems technology for a sophisticated modern solution.

FOUNDRY forges a new magnificence in wood.

Innovative veneer matching allows the grain match to flow perfectly down both sides of Foundry panels.

Integrated file storage, magnetic surfaces, and ergonomically engineered surfaces are all part of the Foundry system.

Foundry’s rail system cleanly supports accessories and other vital components including this etched glass transaction counter with integrated LED lighting.

Power, data, and desk support are all cleanly integrated into a beautiful, functional system that allows panels to be tailored in three dimensions: height, width, and even thickness.