GT Way

The project of GTWay was born around the idea of using a single aluminum beam creating continuity with the body of the seat, so that alone constitutes the supporting structure on which are grafted various accessories, offering at the same time comfort and elegance.


Maximum comfort and ergonomic design

GTWay can be supplied in various finishes that make them even more fun to use. Available in five different styles – BASIC, SOFT, LEATHER, WOOD and BENCH – GTWay can be crafted in many variants, from the polyurethane covering, with more traditional padding to saddle hide and wood, fabric or leather, all with elegant, linear aluminium elements.
  • Flex spring seat
  • Tested to 600 pounds
  • Straight or radius row configurations
  • Flat, sloped or tiered floor installations
  • Antimicrobial product protection

Experience the sophistication and sustainability of ICF office furniture, proudly presented by Frontier Workspace, serving customers in Hong Kong and all over Asia.

Finishes: Leather

Dimensions: W480 x D480 x H410-510mm