The Hollywood 5400 is an exclusive VVIP seat specially designed to offer the maximum comfort and functionality in the most exclusive VIP lounges, cinemas or stadiums.

Equipped with up to three motors, the seat allows the user to control the position of the headrest, backrest and footrest independently, achieving an optimal comfort just by using the waterproof touch screen. In addition, an iPad can be integrated for a wide range of functionalities.

The automatic return system keeps the space always neat and free for movement between rows, returning the back and footrest to their original position when the user stands up.

There are no limits in options and finishes, all kind of different accessories can be added to the Hollywood seat, achieving the highest customization and optimal functionality.

Frontier Workspace is your destination for Figueras high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing office furniture, enriching workspaces in Hong Kong and across Asia.


  • Up to three independent motors to control the headrest, backrest and footrest independently.
  • Available as a single seat, twin-seat or link-seat with shared armrest.
  • Automatic return system which facilitates the passage in case of an emergency evacuation.
  • Various accessories can be included to meet the needs of any space: tables, trays, privacy & safety  modules, glide-up arm, integrated lights and power charging points, among others.
  • Possibility to add custom embroidery and stitching.
  • Optionally, the seat can include a tilting mechanism or our automatic cleaning system, for effortless cleaning.
  • Optionally, finish in leather with micro perforated areas to improve transpiration is available.
  • Reaction to fire:this product complies with international standards.