Beautiful solutions for private, open, and collaborative space.  LEX is lean lines and refined minimalism.  With a variety of sophisticated components, inherent flexibility, and limitless scalability, LEX is a seamless experience for the unified office.

Frontier Workspace, your prime source for Halcon’s top-tier office furniture, serving discerning customers in Hong Kong and across Asia.



The LEX office is minimal, utilitarian, timeless.  Patented thin shelves are amazingly robust and light in scale.  Beautifully-proportioned casework is built for performance and enduring appeal. LEX is light, lean, luxurious.

LEX offers a refined modernism with light-scale aesthetics and ground-breaking materials.
Patented innovation allows amazingly thin 3/8” thick shelves to support full loads in any wood finish.
LEX marries state-of-the-art engineering with world-class quality craftsmanship.
Visually-connected space becomes truly unified when materials and quality are applied with consistency across private office, open plan, and meeting spaces.