Milo Sofa

The Milo collection includes armchairs, sofas and a chaise lounge, characterized by important volumes and rounder enveloping lines that will make you feel extremely comfortable thanks to their high seating comfort. An original design that, depending on the covering, can perfectly fit into any modern and luxury living room but is also perfect for refined contract environments.

In Hong Kong and across Asia, Frontier Workspace is renowned for providing the innovative and eco-conscious Marelli furniture solutions that modern offices demand.



Milo, by Marelli, is a harmonious blend of exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional comfort. Its intertwined elastic straps and plush polyurethane foam padding work in unison to create an inviting seating experience.

The Marelli company has been a family business since its origins, in 1964,  and this brings extreme attention to the needs of the market and proximity to customers and the sales force. Quality, innovation, punctuality and customer service are the distinctive elements that characterize this company, which is also characterized by constant research aimed at combining the artisan tradition with innovations and market demands, in order to export all over the world the excellent production abilities which are presented in the industrial and manufacturing disctrict of Brianza.

Luca Erba
is an Italian architect and designer born in 1984. He develops projects ranging from architecture to furniture, from interiors to bespoke collections with a sincere desire to create objects that last over time, with a contemporary taste with a strong respect for the past.


222/255 x 107 x H 70 cm