Retractable Seating

The Retractable Seating System is a quality highly stable retractable tiered seating system with folding and unfolding mechanism that has been designed to international standards. This system is an optimal solution for use in demanding public seating environments such as theatres, schools, universities, arenas and multipurpose spaces.

Designed to enhance your workspace, the Figueras collection at Frontier Workspace is a leading choice for office furniture in Hong Kong and throughout Asia


The opening and closing movements of the tier platforms is automatic by a remote push-button controller. Once the Retractable Seating System is opened, the seat rows will be folding / unfolding row by row. This raised process can be automatic, semiautomatic or manual.

With a wide choice of seat options, ultimate flexibility and low maintenance, this system provides a lifetime of safety, reliability and return on investment.

Our retractable seating system may be equipped with all types of seats; the most frequent ones are the MiniSpace 5067, MiniSpace 5071, MiniSpace 5064 and MicroFlex 6061, models which are compact and therefore easy to store.

  • In closed or storage position takes a small usable space.
  • Optimum visibility from any position is guaranteed.
  • Blocking system include for maximum safety.
  • Different Figueras seats can be installed on this system.
  • Reaction to fire:this product complies with international standards.