Ergonomics, health and comfort — Sava swivel chair with armrests is a crucial element of an ergonomic workstation. Mechanisms that allow adjusting the settings to the user’s needs, make Sava a perfect chair for a computer workstation. Adjustability includes the position of the seat, adjustment of the armrests in three dimensions as well as lumbar support height. The comfort is enhanced by the Runner mesh on the backrest and headrest of the chair, and it is also an option for the seat fabric. Wide range of colours only expand the arrangement possibilities.

Designed to enhance your workspace, the mdd collection at Frontier Workspace is a leading choice for office furniture in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.


  • Comfortable shell chair made of plastic;
  • Seat upholstered with a soft draped cushion;
  • Solid metal base, powder-coated;
  • Armrests integrated with the seat;
  • Materials that can easily be recycled;
  • The cushion is upholstered with quality fabrics, some of which come from post-consumer recycling;
  • The unconventional four-spoke base with castors grants mobility while remaining stylish;
  • The four-star base without castors pushes the boundaries of design revealing spectacular aesthetics
  • Seat – moulded foam, density of 66 kg/m3, 55 mm thick; upholstered, sliding;
  • Backrest – mesh in Runner colours;
  • Base – 5-star, polypropylene, Ø=680 mm, h=124 mm; option with extra charge – 5-star, polished aluminium, Ø=680 mm, h=124 mm;
  • Option with extra charge – headrest – black mesh;
  • Options with extra charge: armrest 2D-V3 – polyurethane, colour: black, width and height adjustment; armrest 3D-V3 – polyurethane, colour: black, width, height and depth adjustment;
  • Option with extra charge – manual height adjustable (60 mm) lumbar support;
  • Castors – Ø65 mm, for soft floors PP+PA, colour: black; option with extra charge – for hard floors PP+PA, colour: black;
  • Actuator – steal gas spring; adjustment range 100 mm; colour: chrome or black;
  • Mechanism AUTO SYNCHRO: synchronized automated regulation chair back press mechanism, designed for usage 45 and 120 kg, allows the backrest to tilt from 0° to 18° and the seat to tilt from 0° to 4,5° at the same time, it is possible to lock the backrest only in the 0° position, seat depth adjustment range 100 mm, possibility to lock in 11 different positions;
  • Option with extra charge – mechanism SYNCHRO PRO: tilt angle of the backrest 25° and the seat 10°, designed for usage 45 and 120 kg, additional seat and backrest tilt of 3°, 3 blocking positions of the backrest, Anti-shock system, adjustment of lateral tension, seat depth adjustment range 100 mm, possibility to lock in 11 different positions