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Actiu, a leader in ergonomic furniture, has transformed workspaces since 1968. In Hong Kong, Actiu’s approach is reshaping office environments.

Actiu Hong Kong

Known for its health-centric European headquarters, Actiu symbolizes a workspace revolution.

The company began with Vicente Berbegal’s workshop in Castalla. Today, Actiu Hong Kong brings this legacy to Asia. They commit to well-being and productivity in every piece. Actiu collaborates with Valencia’s Biomechanics Institute, developing ‘Cool Working.’

Actiu is the first to receive LEED and WELL Platinum certifications. This marks their commitment to sustainable, healthy designs. Actiu enhances creativity and productivity through smart ergonomics. This principle is rooted in over fifty years of innovation.

In 2018, Actiu’s ergonomic design won the National Design Award. This honor highlights their furniture design excellence. Actiu Hong Kong continues this legacy, ensuring comfort, style, and functionality in workspaces.

Actiu’s designs are more than standard solutions; they’re customized masterpieces. Actiu Hong Kong perfects every detail, from mechanization to finishes. Their furniture, produced in Castalla, Alicante, symbolizes quality and innovation.

Frontier Workspace, partnering with Actiu, brings extensive FF&E experience. Since 1993, they’ve been a leading service provider in Asia. They offer products from over 70 global brands. This partnership marks a fusion of European design and Asian efficiency.

Together, Actiu and Frontier Workspace shape the future of workspaces. They focus on environmentally-conscious, smartly designed furniture. For ergonomic, stylish, sustainable solutions in Hong Kong, Actiu is the top choice.

In conclusion, Actiu and Frontier Workspace are more than furniture creators. They craft experiences that enhance productivity and well-being. Their commitment to excellence makes them ergonomic workspace solution leaders in Hong Kong.

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