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In the vibrant city of Hong Kong, the Bernhardt Prado dining table embodies timeless elegance and modern functionality. This exquisite piece seamlessly blends classical architectural elements with contemporary sensibilities. Its wood table top, finished in a rich Tawny hue, radiates warmth and sophistication, complemented by a 24″ leaf for extended dining space.

The Bernhardt Prado’s base is a striking composition of eight posts—textured Bright Graphite metal and Tawny wood—that create a visually dynamic foundation. Adjustable glides ensure stability and adaptability on any surface, enhancing its practicality and appeal.

Frontier Workspace, a leader in high-end furniture solutions since 1993, curates a diverse collection of products from over 70 innovative brands worldwide. Their showroom in Hong Kong showcases the Bernhardt Prado among other exceptional pieces, reflecting their commitment to quality and design excellence.

As Hong Kong’s premier furniture supplier, Frontier Workspace provides more than just products—it offers personalized service and tailored solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Discover sophisticated furniture solutions that enhance aesthetics and functionality, ranging from iconic designs to contemporary favorites.

Finally, you can transform your living or working environment with the Bernhardt Prado from Frontier Workspace. This dining table is a statement piece, combining classic charm with modern flair. Whether for intimate gatherings or grand events, the Bernhardt Prado elevates any setting with its style and substance.

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