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Since 1979, CS Rugs Hong Kong has been revolutionizing the custom-made rug industry. This family-run business passionately creates textile masterpieces, prioritizing quality in every stitch.

CS Rugs Hong Kong

In the realm of interior design, CS Rugs Hong Kong stands as a trailblazer. Their eclectic collection transforms living rooms, offices, and retail spaces. More than just decorative, these rugs anchor a room’s aesthetic, becoming its centerpiece.

Furthermore, color takes center stage in their design process. CS Rugs Hong Kong expertly matches rug colors to complement interiors, ensuring each piece harmonizes with its environment.

Also, the brand proudly showcases its Dutch heritage. In their Asten factory, a blend of high-tech and traditional craftsmanship comes to life. Here, skilled artisans and advanced machines work together, crafting each rug to reflect Dutch design excellence.

Under the leadership of Feico Dieudonné and Lilianne, CS Rugs fosters a family-like team. This approach extends to their craftsmanship and customer service, guaranteeing a personalized touch for every client.

CS Rugs excels in custom design. Their advanced CADCAM-controlled tuft robots allow for a wide range of shapes and designs. Each rug becomes a unique creation, tailored to individual styles and spaces.

Moreover, the brand is committed to environmental sustainability. They adopt innovative, eco-friendly production methods, adding value to their luxurious rugs.

In summary, CS Rugs is more than a rug manufacturer. They stand as a symbol of innovation, quality, and bespoke design. With a keen understanding of textiles and meticulous attention to detail, they craft rugs that embody individuality and style. Choosing CS Rugs means selecting unmatched luxury and innovation for your space.

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