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ECHOJAZZ Hong Kong introduces high-performance acoustic absorbers, enhancing comfort and room quality in diverse settings. Crafted locally in Kriens, our products excel in architecture, gastronomy, creative industries, open offices, and homes.

Constructed from 100% PET, our eco-friendly materials ensure durability, flexibility, and ecological responsibility. ECHOJAZZ Hong Kong wool-like products offer unmatched quality and design, meeting the highest standards of sustainability.

Custom-made solutions cater to a wide array of projects, ensuring individualized excellence in design and functionality. Our commitment extends beyond project completion, with a return program ensuring 100% recycling of used ECHOJAZZ products.

Addressing the construction industry’s waste production, ECHOJAZZ leads with 100% recyclable products, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability meets simplicity in our design ethos, prioritizing the cyclic nature of our materials.

The ECHOJAZZ material cycle comprises four essential steps: recycled PET as raw material, recyclable products, zero waste, and certified sustainability. We champion responsible consumption and production, setting new standards in environmental stewardship.

In tandem with ECHOJAZZ’s commitment to sustainability, Frontier Workspace offers high-end furniture solutions across Asia. With a legacy spanning since 1993, Frontier Workspace collaborates with global brands to provide environmentally-conscious workspace solutions.

Partnering closely with factories, Frontier Workspace delivers high-performing furniture solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern businesses. By prioritizing sustainability and performance, Frontier Workspace sets the benchmark for eco-friendly workspace solutions.

ECHOJAZZ and Frontier Workspace converge in their dedication to sustainability, offering innovative solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility without compromising on design or functionality. Elevate your space in Hong Kong with ECHOJAZZ’s acoustic excellence and Frontier Workspace’s curated furniture offerings.

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