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Are you looking to enhance your workspace or dining area with stylish and functional furniture? Look no further than Estel Banco a Parete in Hong Kong, provided by Frontier Workspace. This comprehensive system includes high tables, hanging modules, shelves, columns, and useful storage units. Perfect for coffee breaks, self-service, and restaurant areas, Estel Banco a Parete is versatile and adaptable.

Estel Banco a Parete in Hong Kong offers a variety of high tables equipped with drawer cabinets, drawers, and bases for appliances housing. These can be customized with retractable multi-socket and top access, ensuring a clean and efficient workspace. The water-resistant countertops are designed to safely house sinks and induction hobs, providing a durable solution for busy environments.

Frontier Workspace is the premiere supplier of Estel Banco a Parete in Hong Kong. Since 1993, Frontier Workspace has been offering high-end furniture solutions across Asia. They provide a full range of FF&E solutions, featuring products and services from over 70 innovative brands from Europe and North America. Frontier Workspace collaborates closely with partners and factories to deliver high-performing, environmentally-conscious furniture and workspace solutions.

The system also includes a wide range of appliances. Customers can choose from refrigerators, combi ovens, dishwashers, water dispensers, and coffee machines. Additionally, hanging modules and open shelves allow for various setups, making it ideal for bars, cafeterias, self-service areas, and restaurants.

When you choose Frontier Workspace, you are guaranteed top-quality products and exceptional service. Frontier Workspace’s extensive industry experience ensures clients receive the best solutions tailored to their needs. Their commitment to environmental consciousness means the products not only perform well but also contribute to a sustainable future.

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