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Glamora Hydra Hong Kong brings a sun-soaked, laid-back vibe to interior spaces with its beautiful, water-inspired designs. This collection captures moments from Hydra’s picturesque walks to rocky coves and cliff-top monasteries. The color palette of Glamora Hydra Hong Kong includes rich hues that reflect the island’s landscape.

Moreover, the Hydra Collection on GlamFusion offers stylish, functional additions to spaces in contact with water. It provides sensorial experiences that promote physical and mental equilibrium. With 21 wallcoverings, Glamora Hydra Hong Kong combines abstract geometric patterns with plant designs inspired by Hydra’s native flora.

The patterns of Glamora Hydra Hong Kong evoke the island’s winding streets, terracotta-roof houses, and anchored boats in the harbor. Additionally, oversize leaves, dragon tree plants, unusual herbs, and wildflowers are key elements in the collection. The cool natural tones include deep turquoises and brilliant blues, reflecting the Aegean sea and steep rocky cliffs.

About Frontier Workspace

On the other hand, Frontier Workspace, established in 1993, is a high-end provider of furniture and workspace solutions in Hong Kong. Frontier Workspace offers a full range of FF&E solutions across Asia, working with over 70 innovative brands from Europe and North America. Their curated products ensure high performance and environmental consciousness.

Furthermore, Frontier Workspace collaborates with partners and factories to deliver exceptional furniture and workspace solutions. Their commitment to sustainability guarantees that their products are stylish and eco-friendly. Frontier Workspace’s solutions are designed to enhance any workspace, making them a top choice in Hong Kong.

Combining Glamora Hydra Hong Kong’s stunning wallcoverings with Frontier Workspace’s innovative furniture solutions creates breathtaking interiors. Indeed, Glamora Hydra’s vibrant designs and Frontier Workspace’s high-quality furniture enhance any environment. This perfect blend of beauty and functionality transforms your space.

Incorporating Glamora Hydra Hong Kong’s designs into your workspace brings a serene and inspiring atmosphere. Similarly, Frontier Workspace’s furniture solutions complement Glamora Hydra’s designs, offering a cohesive look that boosts productivity and comfort. The combination of these two brands ensures a stylish, functional, and relaxing space.

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