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Keilhauer Respons Hong Kong stands as a testament to timeless design and unparalleled comfort in executive offices and boardrooms. The Respons chair, designed by the talented Chris Sorensen, has remained a favorite since its introduction in 1990. For over twenty-five years, this chair has been a staple in Keilhauer’s catalog, celebrated for its exceptional comfort and design.

Mike Keilhauer, President of Keilhauer, fondly remembers Chris Sorensen, noting his quiet yet substantial talent. “Chris had a quiet, unassuming manner that belied his substantial talent,” says Keilhauer. This talent is evident in the enduring popularity of the Respons chair. Keilhauer Respons Hong Kong continues to be a sought-after choice for those seeking comfort and style.

The Respons chair’s design focuses on providing exceptional comfort for extended periods. Its spacious and ergonomic design makes it ideal for executive offices, boardrooms, and general office environments. Keilhauer Respons ensures that professionals can work comfortably and efficiently.

Frontier Workspace, established in 1993, is a high-end service provider for furniture-related products and services across Asia. Specializing in FF&E solutions, Frontier Workspace offers curated products and services from over 70 of the world’s most innovative brands from Europe and North America. Their commitment to high-performing, environmentally-conscious furniture is unmatched.

In collaboration with Keilhauer, Frontier Workspace provides the iconic Respons chair to the Hong Kong market. Keilhauer Respons benefits from Frontier Workspace’s expertise and dedication to quality. Frontier Workspace works closely with partners and factories to ensure every product meets high standards.

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