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Marelli Noah Hong Kong offers an exquisite range of sofas and armchairs with a design that embodies 1970s charm. These pieces feature sinuous, enveloping lines and soft curves, creating a cosy and homely feel. Perfect for both residential and contract environments, Marelli Noah sofas enhance any space with their warm and inviting ambience.

Frontier Workspace is the premiere supplier of Marelli Noah Hong Kong, providing high-end furniture solutions since 1993. As a leading service provider for furniture-related products and services, Frontier Workspace delivers curated offerings from over 70 innovative brands worldwide. With a strong focus on high performance and environmental consciousness, they ensure top-quality furniture and workspace solutions.

The Marelli Noah collection is available in various sizes, including both curved and straight sofas, making it adaptable to different spaces. This versatility is ideal for luxury hotels, where comfort and style are paramount. Frontier Workspace’s partnership with Marelli Noah Hong Kong guarantees that clients receive the best in design and functionality.

Frontier Workspace’s extensive experience and commitment to quality make them the perfect choice for sourcing Marelli Noah furniture. Their collaboration with leading European and North American brands ensures a diverse and innovative product range. Whether you need furniture for a residential project or a commercial space, Frontier Workspace provides the finest solutions.

The sinuous design of Marelli Noah sofas is inspired by the 1970s, giving them a unique and nostalgic appeal. These pieces not only offer visual beauty but also provide exceptional comfort. Marelli Noah sofas are perfect for creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for any setting.

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