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Frontier Workspace, a leader in high-end FF&E solutions since 1993, proudly showcases Marelli’s exquisite furniture collection in Hong Kong. This partnership highlights our drive to deliver top-notch furnishings, setting us apart as the preferred Marelli supplier in the region.

At Salone del Mobile Milano’s 60th milestone, Marelli stole the spotlight with its latest lineup. As Marelli’s trusted supplier, Frontier Workspace eagerly brings these stellar designs to Hong Kong. We offer an exclusive peek into Marelli’s world-class craftsmanship and timeless style.

Featuring highlights like the opulent Noah sofas and chic Yann sofa, paired with Sign ochre armchairs, Marelli’s pieces embody luxury and design finesse. Frontier Workspace emerges as the top destination for high-quality furniture in Hong Kong, ensuring every item reflects the zenith of design and elegance.

Moreover, Frontier Workspace champions sustainable and forward-thinking furniture solutions. Our extensive selection from over 70 global brands, including Marelli, guarantees access to unique, eco-friendly designs. This approach positions us at the forefront of the furniture industry in Hong Kong.

In summary, Frontier Workspace extends an invitation to explore Marelli’s unparalleled elegance and quality. Our exclusive partnership with Marelli redefines living spaces with sophistication and timeless charm. As the go-to Marelli supplier in Hong Kong, we promise bespoke solutions that elevate any environment into a luxury oasis. Our commitment to innovation and excellence secures our spot as the top choice for Marelli furniture, where every piece is a masterpiece of design and comfort.

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