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Discover the stunning beauty of Nathan Allan Contour in Hong Kong, brought to you by Frontier Workspace. Nathan Allan Contour Architectural Cast Glass is an exciting innovation in the world of architectural design. Known for its sweeping shapely flutes, this glass brings movement and animation to any space.

Moreover, Nathan Allan Contour in Hong Kong offers an exclusive, texture-less kiln-formed glass, perfect for a range of applications. From balustrades to cladding, dividers, doors, partitions, façades, feature walls, and windows, this glass does it all. Capture elegance and fluidity with Contour’s organic shapes, providing both beauty and privacy.

Frontier Workspace, established in 1993, is a high-end provider of furniture-related products and services across Asia. They offer a comprehensive range of FF&E solutions, featuring products from over 70 innovative brands from Europe and North America. As the premier supplier of Nathan Allan Contour, Frontier Workspace ensures you receive the best in architectural glass design.

In addition, Nathan Allan Contour in Hong Kong is part of the exclusive Freeform Series. This series showcases unique designs created by Nathan Allan artists. Each piece is original, ensuring your space has a one-of-a-kind architectural feature. With 33 distinct designs, the Contour glass is a true Nathan Allan masterpiece.

Furthermore, Frontier Workspace works closely with partners and factories to deliver high-performing, environmentally-conscious furniture and workspace solutions. They are committed to bringing the best products to Hong Kong, including the exquisite Nathan Allan Contour Architectural Cast Glass.

Contour glass is not only beautiful but also highly functional. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for conference rooms, feature walls, partitions, facades, doors, and retail storefronts.

Additionally, available through Frontier Workspace, Contour Glass offers a dazzling architectural feature for any build. Whether designing a corporate office, luxury retail store, or high-end residential project, Contour Glass enhances both aesthetic and functionality.

Experience the unmatched quality and design of Nathan Allan Contour. Trust Frontier Workspace to provide you with the best architectural glass solutions. Their expertise and dedication to quality ensure that your project will stand out with the unique and elegant features of Nathan Allan Contour glass.

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