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Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Nathan Allan Glass Studios leads the way in unique kiln-formed glass.

Nathan Allan Hong Kong

Since 1986, they have specialized in handcrafted architectural and decorative glass, garnering global acclaim. In Nathan Allan Hong Kong, they offer an extensive array of over 150 exclusive glass textures and designs.

Transformative Glass Designs in Hong Kong

Moreover, Nathan Allan’s range includes 60+ Classic Textures, the innovative FreeForm Collection, and the captivating Josiah J Collection. Designed for the A&D community, their glass is perfect for walls, balustrades, and doors.

Bold and Impressive Glass Textures

Additionally, Nathan Allan’s Hong Kong portfolio features handcrafted kiln-formed glass known for its thickness and boldness. Their unique textures, some up to 3” thick, are a dynamic alternative to traditional solid walls. For instance, their custom Sawtooth Glass at Hudson Yards, NYC, exemplifies their bespoke craftsmanship.

Vibrant Glass Options for Hong Kong’s Architecture

Furthermore, in Hong Kong, architects and designers can choose from over 150 glass designs by Nathan Allan. These designs, rich in color options, add vibrancy to both interior and exterior spaces, proving ideal for walls and partitions.

Exclusive Heavy Thick Glass Countertops

Similarly, Nathan Allan’s architectural cast glass in Hong Kong includes unique heavy, thick glass countertops. Available in a range of 1.5” to 4” thickness, these countertops are offered in over 60 textures, each with matching textured edges.

Collaborations and Future Projects

Recently, Nathan Allan has collaborated with renowned names like Meyer Davis and Marriott Design. Their projects, spanning luxury brands to major hotels, showcase their versatility and innovation in Hong Kong and beyond. Upcoming projects are set to further display their creative prowess.

Setting High Standards in Architectural Glass

Moreover, Nathan Allan’s architectural glass in Hong Kong is distinguished by its high production standards. Their exclusive techniques result in vibrant, unique designs that enhance any design space. Opting for Nathan Allan’s textured glass in Hong Kong distinguishes your project from others.

Complementing Sophistication: Frontier Workspace

Furthermore, Frontier Workspace complements Nathan Allan’s offerings by providing high-end furniture solutions. Since 1993, Frontier Workspace has led FF&E solutions across Asia, emphasizing performance and environmental consciousness.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Elegance and Innovation

In conclusion, Nathan Allan Hong Kong and Frontier Workspace together redefine sophistication in architectural and interior design. Their collaboration brings unmatched elegance and innovation to Hong Kong. Trust Nathan Allan Hong Kong for your next high-end architectural project.

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