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In the competitive market of Hong Kong, Orangebox emerged in 2002 with a distinct focus on innovation. Redefining office dynamics, Orangebox emphasizes functionality alongside spaciousness, catering to diverse professional needs. The brand thrives on efficient workstations, facilitating seamless transitions between tasks.

Orangebox On the QT Hong Kong introduces a distinctive approach to office design, prioritizing functionality and spaciousness. This innovative concept caters to the diverse needs of professionals, fostering productivity and creativity in the workplace.

As a leading provider of FF&E solutions since 1993, Frontier Workspace offers premium products and services. Notably, it serves as the primary supplier of different top brands in Hong Kong. Frontier Workspace curates offerings from over 70 global brands, ensuring excellence and diversity.

Collaborating seamlessly, Orangebox and Frontier Workspace optimize workspace efficiency and comfort. On the QT fosters creativity and collaboration, enhancing workplace dynamics in Hong Kong. Frontier Workspace’s expertise in lay out offices complements Orangebox’s innovative designs impeccably.

Together, Orangebox and Frontier Workspace elevate office standards, creating inspiring environments for productivity. Orangebox On the QT Hong Kong provides the ideal setting for varied work requirements, whether quick calls or focused tasks. Experience the synergy of Orangebox On the QT and Frontier Workspace, reshaping workspaces in Hong Kong.

As Orangebox continues to innovate, Frontier Workspace remains its trusted partner, delivering premier office solutions. Embrace the transformation with Orangebox and Frontier Workspace, redefining workspaces for success.

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