Campers & Dens

Campers & Dens is not just a pod system, it’s a step change in built environment interior architecture. A unique, demountable system that can be moved, re-positioned or re-used to suit changing needs, Campers & Dens builds on key Orangebox innovations such as our internationally patented opening roof system. The platform offers both unrivalled adaptability and the benefits of a manufactured system, putting it perfectly in sync with today’s fast-evolving and constantly changing workplace – in contrast to one-off static designs, which are no longer fit for the future.

Campers & Dens is the updated answer to Why Build Walls?, delivering layers of privacy through pods, cabins and awnings; and flexibility and choice thanks to its wide range of configurations. A beautiful and refined piece of interior architecture, Campers & Dens also offers a customisable canvas for architects, designers and clients to have fun with, helped by finishes ranging from fabric and laminates to plywood and painted metal.

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Designing Campers & Dens

“…you already know how to ‘be’ at work, our ideas simply enable it…”




Words by Mark Partridge,
Designer of Campers & Dens