The Node chair is mobile and supports all the ways students learn. It is designed for quick and easy transitions in the classroom and supports multiple learning modes across campus.

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A Smart Solution

Node school chairs are highly mobile —a quality that translates directly into classroom performance. After all, a lesson plan can be carried out more effectively when seating is arranged and rearranged effortlessly.



The base of Node provides choice and versatility to meet the needs of different spaces and students. Options include the five-arm and tripod base with casters and a swivel seat for quick and fluid movement and for storing of personal belongings.


The seat of Node is an easy-to-maintain flexible solution. For elevated comfort and aesthetics, Node offers an attractive cushion seat—perfect for long stretches of sitting in the classroom, lounge or student common areas.


The Node chair has an adjustable worksurface, providing a perfect fit for students of all shapes and sizes. The Node chair’s worksurface can be swung out or be pulled in to accommodate students for maximum comfort.

Learning Space Types


Node takes passive space and makes it active, because when students can constantly move around, they’re more interactive, collaborative, comfortable and engaged.


With expanded choices for added versatility, Node is a natural fit in cafés, libraries, lounges, student common areas—all the places where personalized learning experiences happen.


Node’s versatility and mobility also make it a perfect addition to corporate learning spaces. Find out more about the different spaces where Node, along with other products, improve the learning experience.