Series 2

Steelcase’s Series 2 is a fully customizable, high-performance office furniture offering with a wide range of style choices. Through customization, it is especially optimized for use in the workplace or home office.
The backrest is designed to bend more flexibly according to the movement of the spine, so you can feel the same comfort as before even if you sit for a long time.

This product is in stock and can be selected from a total of 5 colors: Black, Peacock, Lagoon, Honey, and Charcoal.

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Back Support

Air LiveBack® technology works through an innovative geometric pattern in the polypropylene back that flexes in two dimensions to encourage movement and support posture changes. ​

Weight-Activated Adjustments

Responds to your body weight to provide the right amount of back tension as you recline. Includes “boost” offering 20% additional tension for those who need it.​

Lumbar Support​

Standard height-adjustable lumbar support on upholstered or 3D microknit options​

Seat Ergonomics​

Seat includes flexible edges and adaptive bolstering in the foam providing a pressure-free sit.​

Recline Adjustments​

Recline range includes full recline range, a boost setting and upright back lock.

Fully Adjustable Arms

Standard 4-dimensional arm support adjusts to preferred height, width, depth and pivot.​

Enhanced Choice. ​
Advanced Performance.​

Designed with our signature Air LiveBack® technology, you receive dynamic support throughout your day. Choose from standard or quilted upholstered back designs or celebrate the attractive geometric back design without upholstery or warm it up with 3D Microknit.

Product Range

Task Chair




Attainable Style

Looking for a high-performance chair that fits your style and your budget? Look no further, that’s where Steelcase Series 2 shines.​


Air Back
3D Microknit
Quilted Upholstery
Fabric Back Cover


Coat Hanger