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Since its inception in 1977, Sellex Hong Kong has dedicated itself to creating high-quality design furniture.

Sellex Hong Kong

With a focus on collaborations with acclaimed designers like Lievore Altherr Molina, Sellex Hong Kong has gained international acclaim. Over four decades, Sellex has emerged as a leader in Contract Furniture Equipment.

This dedication earned them the prestigious National Design Award 2011, highlighting their commitment to design excellence.

In contrast, Frontier Workspace, founded in 1993, specializes in FF&E solutions across Asia. They offer a range of curated products and services from over 70 renowned global brands. Moreover, Frontier Workspace and Sellex Hong Kong are united in their commitment to sustainable, high-quality furniture solutions.

This partnership between Sellex Hong Kong and Frontier Workspace is revolutionizing workspaces throughout Asia. They focus on environmentally-friendly designs to meet modern workspace needs. Sellex Hong Kong’s designs, inspired by renowned designers like Mario Ruiz, complement Frontier’s ethos seamlessly. Furthermore, Frontier Workspace, with its extensive network, broadens the reach of Sellex Hong Kong’s innovative designs.

Sellex Hong Kong and Frontier Workspace stand as leaders in the design furniture sector. Their collaboration is bringing distinctive, functional designs to a broader audience. Sellex Hong Kong’s designs transcend mere furniture; they represent a harmonious blend of art and practicality. This partnership serves as a model for future-focused, sustainable workspace design.

The synergy between Sellex and Frontier Workspace is evident in their collaborative projects. Both companies excel in delivering quality, functionality, and aesthetic excellence. Their shared vision is propelling Sellex to prominence in Asia’s design furniture market. Sellex Hong Kong’s global recognition is complemented by Frontier Workspace’s regional expertise.

In conclusion, Sellex, with its rich history of design excellence, and Frontier Workspace’s comprehensive solutions, are reshaping workspace aesthetics in Asia. Their partnership ensures that each furniture piece is not just a product, but an artistic statement, enhancing work environments across the continent. Sellex continues to lead the way in pioneering innovative, sustainable design solutions.

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