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In the heart of Hong Kong, discover the epitome of style and resilience with Vinyl Flooring Hong Kong. Chilewich, a renowned textile brand, pioneers indoor/outdoor solutions with floor rolls, tiles, wall textiles, window coverings, and upholstery fabrics.

Chilewich’s custom-fit program ensures tailored products for your projects, blending distinctive weaves and colors for indoor/outdoor use. From commercial-grade backings to signature designs, envision your space, and Chilewich brings it to life.

With a global presence spanning six continents, Chilewich graces spaces like hotel lobbies, open offices, fitness centers, fine dining rooms, and lounges. Immerse your surroundings in the unmatched quality of Chilewich’s vinyl flooring.

Complementing this is Frontier Workspace, a stalwart since 1993, providing comprehensive FF&E solutions across Asia. Collaborating with over 70 innovative brands from Europe and North America, Frontier Workspace curates high-performing, eco-conscious furniture and workspace solutions.

Frontier Workspace’s commitment extends beyond products, fostering partnerships with factories to create sustainable and aesthetically pleasing furniture. Elevate your workspace with thoughtfully crafted solutions that balance functionality and environmental consciousness.

In the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, where style meets endurance, Vinyl Flooring takes center stage. Explore the fusion of design and durability with Chilewich and Frontier Workspace, transforming spaces into showcases of excellence.

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