The Minispace 5064 is a comfortable seat that stands out for its compact size and elegant design. This seat is an optimal solution for conference rooms, auditoriums, corporate and VIP areas of stadiums and arenas.


This beam-mounted seat has a folding system that consists of the seat turning and the backrest moving forward until both are lying completely flat against each other. Once the seat is folded, the depth is only 23cm, which enables maximum optimisation of space.

The folding mechanism has a Controlled Soft Rise Technology System that avoids noise or blows when the seat is unoccupied. The folding relies on gravity, achieving high durability and minimal maintenance.

The seat and backrest consists of cold-moulded polyurethane foam that completely covers an internal metal structure. This structure comprises a curved tubular frame and a mesh of flat springs. The polyurethane foam blocks are covered with easily removable zipped covers.

The armrests are made of a metal structure covered in semi-rigid, cold moulded integral polyurethane foam. Seat, backrest and armrest are supported by painted cast aluminium sides and fixed to a steel tube structure.

  • When folded, the seat occupies only 23 cm.
  • Available in modules of 2, 3 or 4 seats.
  • Seats are anchored to the floor by means of expansion plugs.
  • Curved rows are possible.
  • Optionally, the armrest can be made of wood.
  • Together with the PLF-48 and F-1000 tables, becomes an optimal solution for long working sessions.
  • Fire standards: complies with international regulations.