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Introducing EchoBaffle® WALL, revolutionizing acoustic wall design in Hong Kong with dynamic 3D slats that captivate viewers. These baffle walls create mesmerizing visual effects, ideal for long corridors and walls.

EchoBaffle® WALL offers easy installation with a tool-free plug-in system, accommodating building technology integration like sensors and switches. Individual EchoBaffles® can be effortlessly removed, enhancing flexibility.

With EchoBaffle® WALL, the interplay of light and shadow creates an ever-changing landscape, captivating viewers and enhancing the ambiance of any environment. Whether in bustling corridors or serene office spaces, these baffle walls bring a new dimension to Acoustic Wall Hong Kong, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.

Discover four unique designs of EchoBaffle® WALL, reaching heights of up to 2.80 meters, providing versatile solutions for diverse spaces. Experience acoustic excellence coupled with stunning aesthetics, transforming environments effortlessly.

Meanwhile, Frontier Workspace, a leader since 1993, delivers comprehensive FF&E solutions across Asia, including curated products from over 70 global brands. Collaborating closely with partners and factories, they craft environmentally-conscious furniture solutions.

Frontier Workspace’s commitment to high performance and sustainability ensures optimal workspace solutions, aligning with EchoBaffle®’s innovative approach to acoustic wall solutions. Together, they redefine the standards of functionality and aesthetics in Hong Kong.

Enhance your space with EchoBaffle®’s mesmerizing 3D slats and Frontier Workspace’s curated furniture offerings. Elevate acoustics and aesthetics simultaneously, setting new benchmarks for interior design in Hong Kong.

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