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Bernhardt Hong Kong epitomizes luxury furniture design with a legacy spanning over 134 years. Their craftsmanship blends classic and modern aesthetics seamlessly. Mixed materials and meticulous techniques create statement pieces with international appeal.

Bernhardt’s mastery of materials is evident in its impeccable use of luminous elements such as capiz shell and bone inlay. Furthermore, the brand’s expertise in working with metals, including cast aluminum and German silver, results in meticulously crafted statement pieces that captivate the eye.

Frontier Workspace, established in 1993, complements Bernhardt’s offerings with high-end furniture solutions. Their LEED-oriented approach emphasizes environmental sustainability. Partnering with top brands, they provide curated choices for hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces.

In tandem with Bernhardt’s commitment to excellence, Frontier Workspace has emerged as a leading provider of high-end furniture solutions since its establishment in 1993. Moreover, with a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness, Frontier Workspace collaborates closely with partners and factories to deliver curated choices for hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces.

Together, Bernhardt Hong Kong and Frontier Workspace represent the pinnacle of design-oriented luxury, offering discerning clientele unparalleled access to the finest furniture solutions. From classic factory designs to modern masterpieces, their collaborative efforts redefine luxury living, setting new standards of elegance and sophistication in the industry.


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