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In Luxury Lounge Hong Kong, Chiara offers a modern, tailored seat with comfort and a sculptured design. Inspired by nature, Chiara’s wooden-based lounge provides refuge from technology overstimulation.

Additionally, with options for metal or wooden bases, Chiara boasts versatility. The crisp stitching and tailored seat pad enhance comfort. Choose from polished aluminum or powder-coated finishes for the metal base. The wooden base is crafted in solid American walnut for a luxurious touch.

But the luxury experience doesn’t end with Chiara. As a premier provider of furniture-related products and services, Frontier Workspace has been at the forefront of the industry since 1993. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Frontier Workspace collaborates with over 70 of the world’s brands from Europe and North America

Frontier Workspace offers a full range of FF&E solutions across Asia, from high-performing ergonomic chairs to environmentally-conscious workspace solutions. By working closely with partners and factories, they ensure high-quality, sustainable furniture. Explore the luxurious comfort of Chiara from Hong Kong and Frontier Workspace’s premium furniture solutions.

Moreover, At Luxury Lounge Hong Kong, customization is a key feature at Luxury Lounge Hong Kong, where fabrics can be selected for the seat and shell, allowing for endless visual configurations.. A wide range of luxurious fabrics is available to complement interior decor and create a unique ambiance.

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