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Custom Made Rug Hong Kong is the epitome of luxurious interior design. With CS rugs‘ extensive collection, blending modern and classic aesthetics, your home gets a personalized touch. From fine yarns to varied textures, CS rugs ensures each rug fits your space perfectly.

The hallmark of CS rugs lies in its custom-made approach, allowing for a seamless integration into any interior. Using premium yarns, including organic options like wool from New Zealand, linen, and silk, CS rugs creates exquisite rugs with a nuanced palette.

For outdoor spaces, CSrugs utilizes synthetic yarns of the highest quality, ensuring durability and style. Each rug tells a unique story, woven with care and precision to match your individual taste and preferences.

Meanwhile, Frontier Workspace stands as a pioneer in providing high-end furniture solutions since 1993. Collaborating with over 70 innovative brands, Frontier Workspace delivers curated products and services, meeting diverse needs across Asia.

With a focus on environmentally-conscious practices, Frontier Workspace crafts high-performing furniture and workspace solutions. Their dedication to quality and sustainability ensures a seamless blend of functionality and elegance in every piece.

For those seeking the perfect blend of style and functionality, Custom Made Rug Hong Kong from CS rugs and Frontier Workspace offers the ideal solution. Elevate your space with personalized rugs and curated furniture, reflecting your unique personality and lifestyle.

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