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Since 1929, Figueras Hong Kong has excelled in premium seating solutions. Similarly, Frontier Workspace, since 1993, offers innovative furniture in Hong Kong, showcasing a commitment to quality and creativity.

For over 90 years, Figueras Hong Kong has led in seating engineering. The company boasts over 40,000 projects and 10 million seats worldwide. Their team expertly blends traditional handcraft with advanced technology, maximizing space efficiency. Figueras Hong Kong’s global footprint, originating in Barcelona, extends across 130 countries, demonstrating their international prestige.

Frontier Workspace, enhancing Figueras Hong Kong’s offerings, specializes in high-end furniture solutions in Asia. Since 1993, they have collaborated with over 70 innovative brands from Europe and North America. Frontier Workspace prioritizes environmental sustainability and high performance in their curated product range. Their partnerships with factories ensure top-quality, eco-friendly furniture and workspace solutions.

Figueras Hong Kong and Frontier Workspace together set the benchmark for seating and furniture excellence. Figueras Hong Kong’s public seating expertise adds immense value to a variety of projects. In parallel, Frontier Workspace tailors furniture solutions for peak performance and sustainability. Collectively, they define the standard for quality and innovation in Hong Kong’s furniture scene.

Looking to the future, Figueras Hong Kong and Frontier Workspace continue to push the boundaries in public seating and furniture. Their dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation cements their status as leaders in Hong Kong’s furniture industry. As they evolve, both brands remain committed to elevating every space with unmatched design and functionality.

Experience the excellence of Figueras and Frontier Workspace. Reach out to transform your space with our leading seating and furniture solutions in Hong Kong.

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