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Since 2010, Glamora Hong Kong has been transforming interior aesthetics with artistic, sustainable wallcoverings. Their collections, inspired by art, design, and nature, use natural, sustainable materials. Their mission is clear: to evoke emotions and inspire beautiful, welcoming spaces.

Glamora Hong Kong

Glamora Hong Kong blends modern style with classic sophistication. Their unique designs feature elements like leaves, wood, textiles, and oxidised metals, alongside striking geometric motifs. Moreover, Glamora Hong Kong specializes in bespoke, custom-made wallcoverings, ensuring every piece is distinct and perfectly tailored.

Collaborating with clients, Glamora Hong Kong turns visions into reality. Their designers diligently work to transform ideas into bespoke designs, resulting in dreamlike, personalized wallcoverings. Furthermore, Glamora Hong Kong continually introduces new designs, rich in color, embodying timeless beauty and purity.

Their Creative Collection exemplifies visual exploration, seamlessly merging art, design, architecture, and fashion. Additionally, Glamora Hong Kong’s Special Editions are thematic collections focusing on unity and material showcase, highlighting the visual and tactile qualities of each design.

Since 1993, Frontier Workspace has been a frontrunner in FF&E solutions across Asia. They partner with over 70 innovative global brands, focusing on high-performance, environmentally-conscious furniture and workspace solutions.

Glamora Hong Kong’s wallcoverings enhance various settings, from urban apartments to commercial spaces. Prestigious projects, such as the Armani Tower in Miami and the Bulgari Penthouse in Dubai, showcase their versatility.

Simultaneously, Frontier Workspace offers complementary furniture solutions for these high-end spaces. Together, Glamora and Frontier Workspace create cohesive, luxurious environments, enhancing hotels, offices, and retail locations.

This collaboration between Glamoraand Frontier Workspace represents a dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility. They strive to bring beauty, functionality, and eco-friendliness to diverse spaces. In Hong Kong, they are revolutionizing interior design with their commitment to inspiring, sustainable environments.

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