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In Hong Kong, Orangebox Campers & Dens revolutionizes workspace design with its innovative, adaptable pod system. Built for flexibility and creativity, Campers & Dens offers unparalleled versatility in interior architecture. With patented features like the opening roof system, it adapts seamlessly to evolving workplace needs. Additionally, say goodbye to static designs with this dynamic solution.

Moreover, Campers & Dens provides layers of privacy through pods, cabins, and awnings while offering a customizable canvas for architects and designers. With options for integrating technologies and whiteboards, it caters to modern workspace requirements. Furthermore, the system’s wide range of configurations ensures flexibility and choice, empowering users to create their ideal workspace environment.

In addition, Campers & Dens complements its design with a selection of finishes ranging from fabric to plywood, allowing for personalization. Its expanded range of integrated and freestanding seating and tabling enhances functionality both inside and outside the pods, cabins, and awnings. Orangebox Campers & Dens Hong Kong is the ultimate solution for contemporary workspace needs.

On the other hand, Frontier Workspace stands out as a premier supplier in Hong Kong for Steelcase, offering curated products and services since 1993. As a high-end service provider, Frontier Workspace collaborates with over 70 innovative brands from Europe and North America. Their focus on environmentally-conscious furniture and workspace solutions ensures high performance with a sustainable approach.

Moreover, in partnership with factories, Frontier Workspace creates bespoke solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. Their extensive range of FF&E solutions covers everything from furniture to workspace essentials. Additionally, with Frontier Workspace, businesses in Hong Kong can elevate their workspace with top-tier products and services from leading global brands.

For those seeking cutting-edge workspace solutions in Hong Kong, Orangebox Campers & Dens and Frontier Workspace offer unmatched quality and innovation. Whether it’s adapting to changing needs or furnishing with premium products, these industry leaders have you covered.

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