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Discover Pedrali’s exquisite fusion of Italian innovation and Asian market needs with Pedrali Hong Kong. Explore award-winning, sustainable furniture designs now available in this vibrant city.

Pedrali Hong Kong

Pedrali began in 1963, founded by Mario Pedrali in Italy. Today, this legacy of high-quality furniture reaches Asia. Specializing in multi-material furniture, they epitomize ‘Made in Italy’, marrying tradition with innovation, a value clearly reflected in their Hong Kong offerings.

Furthermore, Pedrali’s products, made in Mornico al Serio and Manzano, embody manufacturing excellence. Notably, their international recognition includes the 2011 ADI Compasso d’Oro for the Frida chair. Consequently, the selection available in Hong Kong ensures unparalleled Italian craftsmanship.

In addition, as an Industry 4.0 trailblazer, Pedrali’s approach to furniture manufacturing is revolutionizing the industry. The integration of interconnected machinery and digital techniques sets them apart. This innovation is evident in the superior products available in Hong Kong.

Equally important, sustainability is central to Pedrali’s philosophy. This commitment is evident in their Hong Kong product range. Through strict quality controls and eco-friendly materials, each piece is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound.

Correspondingly, Frontier Workspace, since 1993, has offered top-tier FF&E solutions in Asia. They partner with over 70 innovative brands, focusing on environmentally-conscious furniture. This collaboration enhances the furniture options in Hong Kong, spotlighting Pedrali’s designs.

In summary, Pedrali Hong Kong transcends the typical furniture supplier role. It’s a destination for those who cherish sustainable, innovative, and quality design. Rooted in Italian tradition yet looking towards the future, they are a pivotal player in Asia’s furniture design industry.

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