Keilhauer has been a design activist since our start in 1981. When it comes to Swurve, we fully considered the carbon impact from design to end of life. We started by selecting materials with low carbon features, then completed a third-party ISO 14044 Life Cycle Assessment to calculate our carbon impact and verify our program. We then offset the inevitable carbon by investing in offset credits that support third-party verified carbon-reduction projects like the Aqua Clara Water Filtration Program, the US Truck Stop Electrification Project, and the Minnesota Forestry Improvement Project.

Frontier Workspace is your destination for Keilhauer`s high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing office furniture, enriching workspaces in Hong Kong and across Asia

Finishes: Mesh / Vinyl / Leather
Dimensions: W610 x D572 x H889-1003mm