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In Hong Kong, the epitome of ergonomic excellence is embodied by the Steelcase Gesture chair, designed to revolutionize your relationship with office seating.

Voted as the best office chair, Steelcase Gesture boasts 360-degree arms, a contoured back, and dynamic adjustments tailored to accommodate various postures influenced by technology use.

Crafted for movement, Gesture’s 3D LiveBack® technology mimics the spine’s natural motion, offering the deepest recline for optimal comfort. The chair supports a diverse range of postures, promoting healthy sitting habits during prolonged work sessions.

Designed to keep you connected to your work across multiple devices, Gesture’s 360-degree arms enable flexibility, preventing the notorious “Text Neck” syndrome. The chair accommodates individual preferences, providing a precise fit for users who value comfort during extended sitting.

Complementing the ergonomic brilliance of Steelcase Gesture is Frontier Workspace, the premier supplier in Hong Kong for Steelcase products since 1993. As a high-end service provider, Frontier Workspace collaborates with over 70 global brands, offering curated solutions for a sophisticated office experience.

Frontier Workspace’s commitment extends to creating environmentally-conscious furniture solutions, aligning with the innovative design and sustainability of Steelcase Gesture. Elevate your workspace with the seamless fusion of ergonomic brilliance and curated office solutions in Hong Kong.

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