Modular tip-up seat of elegant and fine lines and compact dimensions with special acoustic features perfect for auditoriums, concert halls or performing arts centres.
The upholstered foam seat is supported by a tubular frame, to the back of which a polyamide-injected shell is attached. This shell has little perforations, giving the seat exceptional acoustic features.The backrest is supported by a tubular frame to which the rear of the shell is attached to, with upholstered foam at the front.\

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    • Automatic tip-up seat
    • Compact dimensions, allowing great optimisation of the space.
    • Perforated shell giving exceptional acoustic features.
    • Minimum distance between axes: 53 cm.
    • Seat and backrest made of two blocks of moulded polyurethane foam.
    • Along with the F48 or the F1000 table, it becomes an optimal solution for long work sessions.
    • Fire response: complies with international regulations.