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The Egan Dimension Stele Plus in HongKong revolutionizes whiteboards with its innovative design and exceptional functionality. Building on the original Egan Dimension Board, it features a monolithic, vanishing edge design and introduces the “Z” Dimension. This unique approach allows the writing surface to protrude 1”, 2”, or 3” from the wall, creating visually dynamic writing planes. Its edges are finished flush to the wall, offering a sleek, modern look.

You can specify the board in various depths, enhancing both its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Each board’s rectilinear edge is fully dry-erase, ensuring practicality alongside style. This makes the Egan Dimension Stele Plus in HongKong perfect for contemporary office environments.

Frontier Workspace, a premier provider of high-end furniture-related products and services in Asia, has been offering a full range of FF&E solutions since 1993. They collaborate with over 70 of the world’s most innovative brands from Europe and North America. Frontier Workspace curates products and services to meet the highest standards of quality and environmental consciousness.

By working closely with partners and factories, Frontier Workspace creates high-performing, sustainable furniture and workspace solutions. Their expertise ensures that each installation of the Egan Dimension Stele Plus in HongKong meets the highest standards.

You can install the Dimension Stele Plus in stunning arrays, featuring a mix of writing planes at different depths. This capability transforms any office into an engaging and efficient environment. The Egan Dimension Stele Plus in HongKong, supported by Frontier Workspace, offers a new level of sophistication and functionality.


This partnership highlights the importance of combining cutting-edge design with environmental responsibility. Frontier Workspace’s commitment to sustainable furniture solutions complements the advanced features of the Dimension Stele Plus. Creating visually dynamic workspaces is easy with the Egan Dimension Stele Plus. The board’s innovative design and versatile applications make it an excellent addition to any modern office.

By integrating the Dimension Stele Plus into their curated offerings, Frontier Workspace continues to lead the way in providing high-performance and aesthetically pleasing workspace solutions. The Egan Dimension Stele Plus, offered through Frontier Workspace, revolutionizes workspace design. This combination of innovation and expertise ensures that modern offices have access to the best in design and functionality.

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