Dimension Stele Plus

The original Egan Dimension Board revolutionized whiteboards with its monolithic, vanishing edge design. Dimension Stele Plus™ changes the game again with its novel use of the “Z” Dimension. Dimension Plus retains the vanishing edge and accentuates the monolith: it can be specified in various depths. Dimension Plus, when installed, features edges that are finished flush to the wall. The writing surface is then 1”, 2”, or 3” proud of the wall. Because the edges are finished flush on all four sides of each individual board, Dimension Plus can be specified in stunning arrays, creating visually interesting and functional writing spaces that feature a mix of writing planes at different depths. Where a proud board meets a shallower board, a completely dry-erase, rectilinear edge provides a clean, crisp look.

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  • Custom color edge
  • Custom size
  • Landscape or Portrait oriented
  • Justified or staggered columns and rows of varying or uniform length, for infinite reconfiguration