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In Hong Kong, Steelcase Series 2 is a premier choice for customizable, high-performance office furniture, tailored to diverse workspace needs. With its ergonomic design and advanced features, it ensures comfort and productivity, whether in a bustling office or a cozy home setup.

The Steelcase Series 2 Hong Kong lineup offers a spectrum of style choices in five distinct colors: Black, Peacock, Lagoon, Honey, and Charcoal, allowing individuals to seamlessly integrate their workspace aesthetics.

One standout feature is the innovative Air LiveBack® technology, employing a unique geometric pattern in the polypropylene backrest to facilitate flexible movement that adapts to the user’s spine, ensuring consistent comfort and support even during extended periods of sitting.

Moreover, the furniture incorporates weight-activated adjustments, responding to the user’s body weight to provide optimal back tension while reclining. A “boost” option offers 20% extra tension for those needing additional support.

Lumbar support, available on upholstered or 3D microknit options, promotes proper posture and reduces discomfort or strain, especially during prolonged sitting sessions.

The seat ergonomics, including flexible edges and adaptive bolstering in the foam, provide a pressure-free sitting experience, promoting better circulation and reducing fatigue.

Frontier Workspace, a reputable supplier in Hong Kong since 1993, is the primary source for Steelcase and other premium furniture solutions. Committed to delivering high-quality, environmentally-conscious options, Frontier Workspace sources products from innovative brands worldwide.

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